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Robert Osborne (Butler) RIP


Robert passed away at home with his wife and sons there to comfort him in his final moments 24/8/14.
Stratford upon Avon, United Kingdom Health
Short Summary
My new campaign is to raise funds for my brothers wife Cath and her family towards Robert’s funeral expenses.
This campaign is also to help Robert’s family get back on their feet and help in putting their lives back together, in the knowledge that the unforeseen crippling financial hardship Roberts illness brought about.
My personal goal is to continue working & researching my original fundraising appeal, which is to launch a “Raising Flags to Signs of Prostate Cancer” awareness campaign.

My goal is to try help save others by using the valuable lessons learnt following the late discovery of Metastatic Prostate Cancer in my brother Rob and will continue as a separate campaign but have included in this campaign due to it’s relevance and where the story began.

Where it all started – My Raising Flags to signs of prostate cancer summary.

Rob my younger brother by 6 years was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer in Oct 2013 which was tragically inoperable & incurable due to its late discovery:

Bringing Rob’s story to life in my “Raising Flags to early Signs of Prostate Cancer” awareness campaign.
This awareness campaign will be to highlight the possible early signs of this type of Cancer in particular.

Once launched I will be targeting guys 40+ and GP’s everywhere to adopt it and which could be easily adapted for other cancers.

The general idea is based on health & safety within the construction industry and my career background.

In construction when Flags are Raised attention will be drawn to that particular problem solely by the number of Flags for all to see, waving around highlighting that something is wrong.

In Roberts case it would have been 12+ Flags Raised following the number of visits he made to his local surgery before the penny finally dropped, sadly in Robs case it was too late. This was after being informed, you don’t have cancer Robert, to a sorry not long after, when he was informed you have metastatic cancer and its terminal.

I feel if just a couple of flags had been raised following his numerous visits to his local surgery, then he may have had a fighting chance. That’s what my “Raising Flags to Signs of Prostate Cancer” is all about.

All it needed was someone to shout, “Hey wait a minute there’s a possible link here to Prostate Cancer but no one did.

The Impact
One piece of good news is that Rob’s story is already beginning to help others with the age category now lowered from 50 to 40 in his local area and that flags will now be raised when symptoms of metastatic prostate cancer begin to show in this lower age group. Well done to his local GP practice for introducing this new policy.
My own research has so far identified 2 prescribed medications which Robert had been prescribed separately over a number of years and totally unrelated to this killer disease (at the moment) but which I feel could have masked it’s signs and symptoms due to their occasional side effects.

This needs careful research by others, more in the know than myself. All I can say for definite is that Robert’s disease when identified, was terminal on its discovery and only shortly after being reassured that he didn’t have cancer.

Thank you to everyone by helping in anyway you can to spread the word by referring and contributing to this campaign. One easy way to achieve this is by using the Indiegogo share tools.

Raising the awareness of the Early Signs of Prostate Cancer


I’m running a campaign on Indiegogo as a fundraising appeal to enable me to be with my brother in Leeds so we can work on a Metastatic Prostate Awareness Campaign together, details can be found at this link -

50% of all campaign funds raised in this particular campaign will be donated to Macmillan’s if, and it’s a big if at the moment, I manage to reach the full funding goal, which is proving to be very difficult, as I have no backing or funding to promote, or gain the publicity it needs to start receiving contributions. The remaining 50% from this appeal is to kickstart a number of other fund raising appeals in aid of Breast Cancer Research, Prostate Cancer Research and Dementia all of which are affecting 3 of members of our family and which 50% will be donated to these charities.

The awareness campaign mentioned in para 1, is to highlight the possible early signs of this type of Cancer in particular. Once launched I/we will be targeting guys 40+ and GP’s everywhere to adopt it easily adapted for other cancers. The Campaign name will be, “Raising Red Flags to Early Signs of Prostate Cancer.” The general idea is based on a health safety policy from within the construction industry, basically the more Flags Raised, then more attention will be drawn to the problem, solely by that action and the Flags visibility.

In the construction industry If 2 – 4 Flags were Raised, then you would have some serious explaining to do. In my brothers case it would have been 15 Flags Raised before anything was done to help him and the penny finally dropped but tragically too late. If it had been 3 Flags, for example he may have had a fighting chance.

There are further details on the site and there is a lot more to it than just this brief summary. Help in any form, whether it be support or promotion would be gratefully received and really appreciated.

Best regards Jon Osborne (brother to Robert and a different surname – which is a story in itself)